Storage Tips

Storage Tips

Tips from our storage experts:
4 easy steps to maximize your new space and keep your valuables safe and secure.



  • Label breakable items “fragile”
  • Label contents according to usage or tape a list of box contents to the side of your boxes for easy reference
  • Clean and dry all appliances prior to storing them to avoid moisture damage
  • Drain items like lawn mowers of fuel before bringing them into the storage space
  • Cover or package items to keep them in top shape
  • Remove legs from furniture whenever possible
  • Store only non-perishable items



  • Stack heavy items on the bottom
  • Stack similar sized boxes together
  • Store sofas on end to conserve space



  • Place the items used most frequently at the front of the unit for easy access
  • Ensure the unit you choose is large enough to fit your contents
  • Create a walkway inside your locker so you can find and retrieve your items easily



  • Always lock the storage unit door when leaving
  • Keep an inventory of everything in your storage space